Doi's height is 1.73 m and he weighs 82 kg. He was born in Ikoma, Nara, Japan on 04 Oct 1980. His nickname is Bosou Muscle. Doi's signatures moves are Muscular Bomb, Bakatare Sliding Kick and Doi 555. He has wrestled under the ringnames Second Doi.
Name: Naruki Doi
Real Name: Naruki Doi
Ring Names: Second Doi
Promotion: Freelancer
Date of Birth: 04 October 1980
Born In: Ikoma, Nara, Japan

Entrance Themes

Signature Moves

Other Moves

  • Doi 555
  • Dai Bosou!
  • V9 Clutch

Wrestling Info

Nick Names
  • Bosou Muscle
  • Rampaging Muscle
  • Singles Wrestler
  • Tag Team Wrestler