Nick Aldis (Nov 06, 1986) is an English professional wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Aldis's height is 6 ft 4 in and he weighs 242 lb. He was born in Novin Docking, England, England on 06 Nov 1986. His nickname is Modern Day Gladiator. Aldis's signatures moves are Tormentum (Twisting Samoan Drop), Diving Elbow Drop. He has wrestled under the ringnames Brutus Magnus, Magnus, Sir Brutus Magnus.
Name: Nick Aldis
Real Name: Nick Aldis
Ring Names: Brutus Magnus, Magnus, Sir Brutus Magnus
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Brand: SmackDown
Date of Birth: 06 November 1986
Born In: Novin Docking, England, England

Wrestling Info

Nick Names
  • Modern Day Gladiator
  • National Treasure
  • Singles Wrestler (2003 - 2023)
  • Tag Team Wrestler (2009 - 2022)
  • On-Air Official (2023 - today)
  • Backstage Helper (2023 - today)