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Rhett Titus

The Romance Revolutionizes the Ring

Meet Rhett Titus, the wrestling sensation from Forked River, New Jersey, who's turning heads with his unique blend of technical prowess and sheer charisma. This 6-foot-2-inch powerhouse tips the scales at a chiseled 230 pounds, but it's his captivating stage presence that has fans swooning.

As "Addicted to Love," Titus embodies the ultimate ladies' man, oozing confidence and charm as he navigates the mat. His signature moves – Splash Mountain, Thrust Buster, Super S*X Factor, Frog Splash, and The Muff Driver (Crucifix Bomb) – are as impressive as they are provocative.

But it's not just his in-ring antics that have earned Titus a reputation as one of the sexiest men alive. His rugged good looks and effortless charm make him a natural-born showman, commanding attention whenever he steps into the spotlight.

Born on September 15, 1987, Titus has been honing his craft for over a decade, working tirelessly to perfect his technical skills. As a freelancer, he's had the opportunity to work with various promotions, refining his style and adapting to different environments.

Despite his rugged exterior, Titus is a romantic at heart – a quality that shines through in his wrestling persona, "Romantic Touch." It's a character that has captured the imaginations of fans everywhere, leaving them craving more of his tantalizing performances.

As he continues to make waves on the indie circuit, Rhett Titus remains a force to be reckoned with. With his chiseled physique, captivating stage presence, and razor-sharp in-ring skills, this Forked River native is poised to become a household name. So, buckle up, folks – the romance revolution has officially arrived in the world of professional wrestling!