The Golden Phoenix Soars: Saya Kamitani's Rise to Stardom

In a world where athleticism and charisma often reign supreme, Japanese wrestler Saya Kamitani stands out as a shining star. As part of World Wonder Ring Stardom, Kamitani has been making waves with her explosive moveset and captivating personality.

Born in 1996 in Kanagawa, Japan, Kamitani's early life was marked by a passion for dance and gymnastics – skills that would later translate beautifully to the world of professional wrestling. At just 5'6" and 128 lbs, Kamitani is a force to be reckoned with, boasting an impressive array of moves that leave opponents reeling.

Kamitani's signature arsenal includes the Bicycle Kick, Missile Dropkick, O'Connor Roll Bridge, Phoenix Splash, Running Shooting Star Press, and Star Crusher (Fisherman's Buster). Her Allrounder style allows her to adapt to any situation, making her a formidable opponent in both singles and tag team matches.

Nicknamed the Golden Phoenix, Kamitani's rise to stardom is no surprise. Her Shooting Star nickname says it all – this wrestler can fly through the air with ease, delivering devastating blows that leave opponents stunned. Tall Saya, as she's also known, has built a reputation for being one of the most exciting and unpredictable wrestlers in Stardom.

What sets Kamitani apart from her peers is her undeniable charm. Her charisma shines brighter than any spotlight, drawing fans into her world of high-flying acrobatics and bone-jarring slams. When she's in the ring, everything else fades away – it's all about Saya Kamitani and her golden phoenix rising.

As Kamitani continues to soar through the ranks of Stardom, one thing is clear: this Japanese wrestling sensation is here to stay. With a moveset that defies gravity and a personality that lights up the room, Saya Kamitani is an unstoppable force in the world of professional wrestling.
Name: Saya Kamitani
Ring Names: Saya Kamitani
Promotion: World Wonder Ring Stardom
Date of Birth: 28 November 1996
Born In: Kanagawa, Kanagawa, Japan


Here are 10 interesting facts and tidbits about Saya Kamitani:

• Born on May 15, 1991, Saya Kamitani is a Japanese professional wrestler currently signed to World Wonder Ring Stardom.

• Before pursuing a career in professional wrestling, Kamitani was a competitive gymnast and trained for several years in her youth.

• She made her debut in the world of professional wrestling on March 20, 2014, for the independent promotion Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling.

• Kamitani's ring name "Saya" is derived from the Japanese word for "color," while "Kamitani" is a reference to her real surname.

• She won the Sendai Girls Tag Team Championship on three separate occasions during her time with the company, all of which were with different partners.

• In 2016, Kamitani began competing for World Wonder Ring Stardom, where she would go on to become a key player in the promotion's women's division.

• On October 22, 2017, Kamitani won the Artist of Stardom Championship, becoming only the second woman in the title's history to do so at the time.

• She holds the record for the longest-reigning Goddess of Stardom Champion, a title she held for over 200 days during her first reign from April 29, 2018, to November 3, 2018.

• Kamitani is known for her unique blend of technical grappling and high-flying aerial attacks, earning her a reputation as one of the most well-rounded wrestlers in Stardom.

• On October 11, 2020, Kamitani won the World of Stardom Championship, becoming only the fifth woman to hold the title in its history.

Signature Moves

Other Moves

  • O'Connor Roll Bridge
  • Star Crusher (Fisherman's Buster)