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Steve Blackman

The Silent Assassin

In the dimly lit alleys of Annville, Pennsylvania, a legend was born - Steve Blackman, aka The Lethal Weapon. His real name is nothing more than a footnote to his larger-than-life persona, a man whose wrestling style would leave opponents sleeping with one eye open.

Born in 1963, Steve Blackman's early years were marked by a restless energy, like a coiled spring waiting to unleash its fury. He found solace in the martial arts, honing his skills in Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and Kickboxen. The weights he lifted weren't just metal - they were the foundation of a behemoth, one that would eventually weigh in at 245 pounds.

Early Days

Blackman's wrestling career began with a bang, or rather, a bicycle kick. His devastating combination of power and precision earned him the moniker "The Silent Assassin." Opponents trembled at the mere mention of his name, knowing they faced a foe as merciless as a winter storm.

Ring Wars

Blackman's arsenal was a symphony of destruction: Darkside Sleeper, Thrust Kick, Savate Kick - each move a calculated strike aimed at the opponent's jugular. His opponents didn't just lose matches; they lost their will to fight. The Lethal Weapon left a trail of broken bodies in his wake, his reputation growing with each brutal victory.


On December 10th, 2007, Steve Blackman hung up his wrestling boots, his legend cemented like concrete in the minds of those who witnessed his reign of terror. Though he may have left the ring behind, his impact remains - a testament to the fury that dwells within.

In the world of wrestling, legends are born and forgotten, but Steve Blackman's legacy will forever be etched on the collective consciousness of fans worldwide. For in his prime, The Lethal Weapon was an unstoppable force, a predator stalking its prey with calculated precision. His story is one of unrelenting fury, a symphony of destruction that will haunt the annals of wrestling history forevermore.