Tsukushi (Sep 05, 1997) is a Japanese professional wrestler signed to Battleground Championship Wrestling. Tsukushi's height is 4 ft 9 in and she weighs 97 lbs. She was born in Kamisu, Ibaraki, Japan on 05 Sep 1997. Her nickname is Kamisu no Tennyo (Kamisu's Heavenly Girl). Tsukushi's signatures moves are Jumping Footstomp, Harukaze (Second Rope-Assisted Wheelbarrow Bodyscissors) and Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex (Straight-Jacket Electric Chair Suplex Hold). She has wrestled under the ringnames Tsukushi Haruka, Mask de Tsukka.
Name: Tsukushi
Ring Names: Tsukushi Haruka, Mask de Tsukka
Promotion: Battleground Championship Wrestling
Date of Birth: 05 September 1997
Born In: Kamisu, Ibaraki, Japan

Signature Moves

Other Moves

  • Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex (Straight-Jacket Electric Chair Suplex Hold)

Wrestling Info

Nick Names
  • Kamisu no Tennyo (Kamisu's Heavenly Girl)
  • Singles Wrestler (2010 - 2022)
  • Tag Team Wrestler (2010 - 2022)